PO Box 31, Red Hill, Q 4059



 Leader:           Michele 3351 4092
Meet:               Yellowpinch Carpark, 1099 Upper Logan Rd, Mt Barney
Time:              7.00 am
Cost:               $25 carpool / $5 private
Grading:         M33
Distance:        11 km – 16 km
Emerg Off:      Greg 0418 122 995   

There is always a daywalk in the Barney foothills on the Barney Mass day. Often this walk is to Cronan’s Cascades. However, this year, you will go along the track to the beginning of Peasant’s Ridge (without going up that Ridge) – the start of the track for those climbing to the Mass.
This track is along old forgotten timber trails and fire breaks. Somewhat overgrown and eroded now, the path is well trodden and easily followed. You will walk through open eucalypt forest while crossing the occasional rainforest filled gully. The way is not steep or rocky.
There will be various options on the day – you can go up to Yellowpinch Lookout where you will get great views of East Peak and Peasant’s Ridge where the Mass attendees will be going. However, you may prefer to walk with the Mass goers and be part of their walk, thus bypassing this lookout.
Then the walk along the track to the base of Peasant’s Ridge, as described above. You can perhaps go up Peasant’s a bit or even to the first lookout.
Then you may go back a little and then onward to Cronan’s Cascades. The Cascades add a little extra distance for your walk. There could be a little excitement where you can opt to go off-track and down the ridge to Cronan’s Creek instead of taking the longer way by following the track.
All this uncertainty, choice and various options is no worry – it is all on tracks (except for the last option), so no need to cause concern.
Come with Michele and Greg on this tour of the foothills.