PO Box 31, Red Hill, Q 4059


Photo Competition





At St Michaels at Ashgrove from 7.30pm


This is the seventeenth time we have had this photo competition. The main reasons for the photo

competition are to encourage members to bring their photographs out and to share them with other

members. Another reason is to find a cover photo for the Annual Report.

Our goal as a club is to encourage the love of the bush and bushwalking. I trust the photographs will

display the spirit of the Club and the beauty of nature and why we go bushwalking. The best overall

photograph will go on the front cover of the Annual Report.

The categories of the competition are –

1. Landscape - this includes all the landscapes, waterscapes, mountains

2. Moods of nature - sunrises, sunsets, storm and rain or misty days

3. Nature Close up - plants, animals, birds, rocks, leaf litter etc.

4. People and faces - portraiture & club character

5. Miscellaneous - any photos that do not fit into any other category

6. Best overall - awarded to the print deemed to be best overall by the invited judge

7. People’s choice - the best photo selected by the members.

The Competition Rules

- entry is open to Cub members only,

- the photographs must be submitted in two formats,

- printed on paper and displayed at the December meeting and

- delivered electronically to bcbcjilalan@gmail.com by sunrise on 20th December,

- size - photograph must be able to fit on the front cover of the Annual Report (paper size A5). It

may be submitted in a size up to A4 so long as the photograph can be reduced to a size suitable

for publication,

- each person may enter 4 photographs per category,

- each photograph must be titled and have the owner's name and date,

- the photographs must be from a BCBC event (Name of trip and date to be supplied), An Event is

any activity that is officially Club business.

- A Club Event does not include holidays, etc.

- photographs can be entered on the night but no later than 7.40pm,

- there is no entry fee,

- there will be an overall winning photograph,

- the winning photograph will go on the front cover of the next annual report, and the Peoples’

Choice will go on the back of the annual report.

- the ownership of each photograph will remain that of the photographer but BCBC has permission

to publish the photograph in any of its publications, print or electronic.