PO Box 31, Red Hill, Q 4059


Leader: Khaleel 0413314443
Meet: St Brigid's Church, Red Hill
Time: 6.00 pm
Cost: TBA
Cap: Max three people
Grade: Various

I will be driving my own vehicle from Brisbane to Kosciuszko
stopping three days on the way in and another five days on the
way out. I will be camping in my tent next to my car.
Will join the other group led by Paulette in their first day and
last day at Kosciuszko. Here is the itinerary:
Day one Mon 2/12 Leave Brisbane and drive to Barokee Camp
ground (Cathedral Rock NP) 453Km 5Hr 48min (stay two
Day two Tue 3/13 Cathedral Rock walk 5.7Km
Day Three Wed 4/12 Drive to Ilford Cherry Farm 512Km 6hrs
10min (stay 1 night)
Day Four Thu 5/12 Drive to Jindabyne Holiday park (538Km
6hr 40min). Camp then join the group lead by Paulette for
evening meal.
Day Five Fri 6/12 Start the walk at Thredbo to Mt Townsend via
Kosciuszko 12km 
Day Six Sat 7/12 Mt Townsend to Watsons Crag via Club
Lake 9km 
Day Seven Sun 8/12 Watsons Crag to Charlotte Pass 11km 
Day Eight Mon 9/12 Charlotte Pass to Thredbo via Rawson
Pass 15km Spend night in the Thredbo area.
Day Nine Tue 10/12 Spare Day if we get delayed on the range
– Otherwise Mount Stilwell cct 5.54 Km from Charlotte Pass.
Day Ten Wed 11/12 Conclude the walk. Join Paulette group for
evening meal @ Crackenback Farm. Stay Jindabyne holiday
Day Eleven Thu 12/12 Drive to Blackheath 444Km 6Hrs stay 2
Day Twelve Fri 13/12 Great Canyon walk 5.9Km
Day Thirteen Sat 14/12 Drive to Gloucester Tops Riverside
Caravan Park 372Km 4Hrs 38Mins. Stay two nights.
Day Fourteen Sun 15/12 Gloucester Tops cct walk 5.0Km
Day Fifteen Mon 16/12 Drive to Station Creek campground-
Solitary Islands 390Km 4Hrs 42 Mins. Do relaxing beach walk.
Day Sixteen Tue 17/12 Drive back to Brisbane